What's happened to customer service?

Have you ever wanted to hug the person who provided excellent service? or tip them more money because great customer service is so rare?  I can attest this to be true; great customer service today has become obsolete at most businesses.  Why should consumers settle for less?  Every customer service experience should be great and memorable. 

 The customer service experience will make or break a business.  Many businesses have allowed mediocre service to continue, as a result, businesses see a decline in sales.  I understand change is inevitable, however, we can't throw the baby out with the bath water.  

Let's get back to the basics.  Hines Ash Consulting, LLC would like to help you meet your goals.  Our consulative sales approach will provide you the necessary tools on how to meet the needs of your customers.  We will also help you to be intentional on providing excellent service to customers.  

*Discover optimal strategies on separating your business from your competition

* Find new strategies how to maximize your service potential

*  Improve workplace etiquette

* Increase soft skills awareness